Bottega Bernard is a sustainable sartorial clothing brand for men and women, born in 2021 in Tuscany, to make a dream come true: a new vision of sustainable fashion in which sartorial practice, quality handcrafted garments and a modern style are combined with respect for the environment and for people.

BB was born out of a desire to take a small step toward changing Fashion and to return to the origins when garments were made by hand, with great attention to detail and fabric quality, slowly and according to the needs of the customer.

We practice the ancient art of “handmade”, we take the time to do things right and be attentive to every detail, passionately and carefully searching for the best eco-friendly Made in Italy fabrics.

OUR IDENTITY: Tailoring – Eco-Friendly Made in Italy Fabrics – Timeless Luxury

At Bottega Bernard we have a big dream, to dress men and women with sustainable fashion collections that combine the quality and excellence of Handmade in Italy Tailoring with a Slow Fashion approach.

In BB, each garment is handmade at the time of order and is reproduced in limited quantities, to make each of our creations even more unique and personal and above all to be truly sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics Made in Italy:
Bottega Bernard believes that quality is an indispensable value, which implies respect for people, labor and the environment.

BB searches for high-quality Made in Italy fabrics and raw materials that have a reduced impact on the environment by preferring natural, organic or recycled and end-cycle fibers that we want to give a second life to. The refinement of eco-friendly fabrics makes our work handcrafted and exclusive, a guarantee of high quality.

Timeless Luxury:
Bottega Bernard believes in and values a new luxury, made of time, passion and craftsmanship.
We believe that true luxury does not need excess, glitz or exaggerated wealth.

In Bottega Bernard’s collections, the idea of luxury is perceived in the quality of the fabrics, in the craftsmanship of the tailoring details, and in the timeless style.