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Crono Ring


Valentina Asia’s Chronical Capsule CRONO rings are wedding bands created in bronze
with 18K gold electroplating, enriched with irregular, nature-inspired shapes found all over the
surface of the ring.

This product is handcrafted and handmade in Italy.

Delivery within three to four working days.

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The applications are colored with handcrafted enamel in four color versions, representing the
four natural elements: Ocean Blue in dark blue, Eden Green in forest green, Light in mother-of-pearl
and Mauve Opera in mauve, also the brand’s color.

The name Chronos, comes from Kronos, a term that for the Greeks means ” time” in its
dimensions of past present and future. The ring represents “the passage of time,” the bezels
irregular and colored, already used for chrono earrings, follow one another around the perimeter
of the ring and twirl clockwise.


Size S – 10/12
Size M – 13/15
Measure L – 16/18

Technical specifications

Faith thickness 0.6 cm
Rounded structure
Polished finish
Gold color
Colored enamel


Bronze base
18K gold electroplating
Colored enamel

Additional information

Additional information


Valentina Asia


Ocean Blue, Light, Opera Mallow, Green forest