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Azfelia wood watch with Di Miyota GL20 quartz movement.

Handcrafted in Italy.

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Miyota GL20 Quartz Movement


Since 1981 Miyota has been building the world’s finest watch movements. The Miyota GL20 quartz movement provides impeccable precision and a battery life of 5 years. Miyota movements are known worldwide for their durability and shock resistance. The Calibre 2035 series achieved a cumulative production of 1.7 billion units in 1999, setting a world record.

Cassa – Hardler Round, 36.6mm, connubio di legno di azfelia e metallo, 6.5mm di spessore

Peso – 29g, la sua leggerezza lo renderà unico al polso

Movimento – Movimento al quarzo di Miyota

Precisione – ± 2 sec./giorno

Funzioni – Ore, minuti e secondi.

Vetro – Vetro hardlex antiscalfiture

Bracciale– Pelle naturale

Alberi donati– Per questo orologio doniamo 3 alberi

Impermeabilità– Resistente agli schizzi

Batteria– Ossido di argento SR921SW


Azfelia wood is recognised as one of the most resistant wood species. Its colour is never the same, changing constantly according to the weather conditions and the light that bathes it. It belongs to an exotic family and is widely used for luxury flooring. A special wood, a unique wood, for YOU.

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