Face Cream – Beating the Smog


24H face cream with beet extract, anti-smog filter and vitamin A+E liposomes.

Made in Italy.

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A concentrate of antioxidants thanks to the presence of beet extract, liposomes of vitamin A+E, ginseng, guarana and silk oil. It prevents the onset of skin blemishes, and the natural-origin anti-smog filter contained within it protects the skin from external agents.It leaves the skin hydrated and silky, tones and plumps it up. It also has an astringent and elasticizing effect. It absorbs easily and is therefore also ideal as a base for makeup. In the city as well as at the beach, this cream is the “must-have” in our daily skincare routine.

Mode of use:

Morning and evening after finishing your skincare routine, apply the cream to the face and neck with movements from the center outward and from the top down. To enhance the effects, it is recommended to use more of the cream in the
evening before going to bed.


Beet extract:One of the vegetables with the highest antioxidant content, it counteracts the damaging effects of free radicals and slows cell aging. Pantrophin:A botanical functional ingredient extracted from the bark of maritime pine, it is an effective anti-pollution agent, both indoor and outdoor. Ginseng:Antioxidant, toning and revitalizing plumps up the face. Guarana Tonifying and antioxidant, rich in tannins, vitamins and minerals.

An effective anti-wrinkle.

Liposomes of vitamins A+E Working in synergy by enhancing each other, they counter skin aging and promote cell renewal. They also help eliminate toxins and fight the formation of acne

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