Welcome to the e-commerce “Vi presento Italia” (hereinafter referred to as “VPI”) based in Brugherio (MB), Via Toniolo n. 6, Cap. 20861.

VPI was created with the aim of promoting Italian companies that pay particular attention to the issue of sustainability, both at home and abroad.

We offer the end user a range of carefully selected products made in Italy.




These terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) apply to any booking and sale of Products made via the website: www.vipresentoitalia.it, (hereinafter “Platform”).

  • When the Customer placing an order (as defined below), accepts these Terms, and should read them carefully before making a purchase on the Platform referred to in point 1);
  • VPI’s cookie and privacy policies, which can be consulted at any time on the Platform, form an integral part of these Terms and will be automatically accepted upon acceptance of these Terms.



2.1. When making a reservation on the Platform, the Customer confirms that:

– be 18 (eighteen) years of age and be in possession of a debit or credit card or other equivalent means of payment that can be used to pay on the Platform

– to make purchases for personal consumption purposes;

– have the legal capacity to enter into binding agreements.


2.2. By accepting these Terms, the Customer agrees to receive all information relating to the Service offered by VPI in Italian and English. The Customer also agrees that all agreements with VPI and the related information necessary for the performance of the Services will be kept by VPI in accordance with the latter’s privacy policy.

Furthermore, by accepting these Terms, the Client understands that he/she may also receive e-mails and messages relating to bookings made by him/her, if necessary. This is required by VPI to ensure that the Customer receives all essential communications relating to the order.


2.3. VPI reserves the right to review and amend the Terms from time to time. The Customer’s order shall be governed by the Terms applicable at the time the Customer placed the order.




3.1. VPI is in charge of simply arranging the conclusion of the purchase between the Customer and the Supplier, therefore it is relieved from any possible liability profile in relation to the Products.

3.2. VPI does not in any way make, prepare, manufacture, process, mark, package, deliver or handle the Products.

3.3. VPI will not assume any responsibility towards the Customer for the fulfilment of the contractual obligations related to the Products, including their realization, preparation, production, processing, delivery; likewise, VPI will not assume any responsibility for the compliance with the applicable regulations, also related to the activities just listed.

3.3. VPI will provide the description of and information on the Products via the above-mentioned platform. These informations are purely indicative in order to allow the Customer to better evaluate the selected Products before making the purchase. It is possible that the Platform is not up-to-date and that the actual range of products, items in stock, etc. is not as indicated on the Platform. In this case, VPI shall not be liable.

3.4 VPI will not be responsible for the non-fulfilment or delay in the execution of any obligation relating to the Products, also in relation to the realization, production, processing, delivery of the Products.



4.1. VPI, received the Order, will start the processing process by sending due notice to the Customer that the Order has been received (“Order Confirmation“) and is being processed. This does not imply automatic acceptance of the reservation by the Supplier.

4.2. The Order Confirmation must be saved by the Customer and will contain information relating to the reservation made by the Customer.

4.3. The Order Confirmation does not imply acceptance of the Order, but only an acknowledgement of receipt of the Order.






5.1. In the event of a complaint about a Product, the Customer must submit it using the complaint form available on the Platform before taking any other action. VPI, for its part, will handle all complaints as it sees fit.

5.2. In the event that VPI’s action to deal with the complaint is not satisfactory to the Customer, these Terms do not preclude the Customer from using other means to resolve the dispute with the Supplier in accordance with the law. The Services are governed by consumer protection laws and other laws relating to the purchase of goods (in Italy, the Consumer Code), and the provisions of this document relating to defects and delays in the performance of the Service also apply.


5.3 All complaints shall be handled exclusively by VPI and the Customer shall address complaints to VPI and not to the Supplier.

The Customer must check the contents of the Products when he receives them.

In the event of a complaint, the Customer shall contact VPI by means of the form referred to above, providing all the information requested. VPI – later – will then process the complaint in cooperation with the Supplier, where necessary, reserving a period of 10 working days to provide the Customer with a reply.


    • The Customer’s reviews on the Platform may not, by way of example:

– contain defamatory, obscene or offensive material;

– promote violence or discrimination;

– infringe the intellectual property rights of another natural or legal person;

– violate any legal obligation towards third parties (such as the obligation of confidentiality);

– promoting illegal activities or invading the privacy of others;

– give the impression that they come from VPI;

– be carried out in the name and on behalf of another person or to misrepresent your affiliation with another person.

6.2. VPI will not monitor or edit published reviews, except that it has the right, exercisable at any time, to remove or edit reviews published, uploaded or transmitted via the Platform if they violate one or more of the above prohibitions or if they are deemed fraudulent.

6.3 The reviews published on the Platform are for information purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation by VPI. Therefore, the reviews reflect the opinions of customers who have booked Products using the Platform or other third parties; any statements, suggestions or opinions provided by these parties reflect their thoughts only. Consequently, to the extent permitted by law, VPI assumes no liability in place of a third party who may have made a review, including, but not limited to, for errors, defamatory expressions, obscenities, omissions or false statements that the Customer may find within such reviews.

6.4. VPI reserves the right to retain reviews published on the Platform.




7.1. VPI will not be held liable for damages arising from the Products or matters for which the Supplier will be responsible, culpable actions attributable to third parties or resulting from an interruption not attributable to VPI or the Platform’s operation; orders placed by Customers using payment data or other contractual data obtained fraudulently; the content of sites to which the Platform links, including the accuracy and data protection guaranteed by such sites;

7.2 VPI shall not be liable for any dysfunctionality or non-conformity of its Services if such circumstances are caused by events beyond VPI’s control. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, interruptions in the operation of the VPI Platform and/or disruptions in the activity of the Point of Sale resulting from legislation, acts of the State or public bodies, acts of war or terrorism, strikes, physical impediments, lockouts and natural disasters.


  • The Customer may use the Platform and print and download extracts thereof for personal, non-commercial use in accordance with the criteria set out below:

– The Customer shall not misuse the Platform (including hacking or scraping).

– Unless otherwise stated, copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the Platform and material published on it (including, without limitation, photographs and graphic representations) are owned by VPI or its licensors. These works are protected by international copyright laws and treaties and this protection extends worldwide; furthermore, all related rights are reserved. For the purposes of these Terms, any use of excerpts from the Platform is prohibited;

– the Customer may not use any images, photographs or any other graphic elements, video or audio sequences without also including the accompanying text;

– The Customer guarantees to always acknowledge and cite VPI as the author of the material on the Platform;

– The Customer is not authorised to use any of the materials on the Platform or the Platform itself for commercial purposes without having obtained a licence from VPI to do so.




These Terms (and any reservation and purchase of Products made hereunder) are subject to the laws of the country in which the Platform is located, from which you place your order or purchase.

or relating to the same – if such a dispute cannot be settled friendly – shall be decided by the courts of the country in which the Customer is domiciled or resident.

Irrespective of the above, the Customer may always lodge a complaint with the competent consumer protection authority in the country in which the platform from which the order or purchase was made is located.





The products returns is a right of VPI’s customers.

In order to process your return correctly, please fill in all parts of the form provided by VPI on the platform, including the information about your order. All items must be returned, undamaged, together with their original box, where present, which is considered to all intents and purposes an integral part of the product itself and which must not have been damaged and/or altered in any way, and cannot be used as the sole outer packaging.

10.2 A label must be affixed with the sender’s data, the shipping address and the authorisation code received. Alternatively, you can write the required data by hand on the packaging using a permanent marker. The goods must be complete in all their parts and in their original packaging (envelopes, boxes, dustbags and packages), with the tags still attached.

10.4 All items must be returned together with their original box, where present, which is considered to all intents and purposes an integral part of the product itself and which must not have been damaged and/or altered in any way, and cannot be used as the sole outer packaging.

10.5 Shipment, until confirmation of receipt at the warehouse indicated by VPI, is under the full responsibility of the customer.

10.6 VPI shall not be liable for damage to the goods during transport.

10.7 VPI shall not be liable in any way for damage, theft, loss occurring during or in any case in connection with the return shipment. VPI will refund the Customer the whole amount of the returned items, within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the withdrawal shipment, by means of a transfer procedure of the charged amount, using the same payment method used by the Customer for the initial transaction, unless otherwise agreed. In any case, the Customer shall not incur any costs as a consequence of such reimbursement. VPI can suspend the refund until the receipt of the returned product or until the moment in which the Customer demonstrates to have correctly sent back the product. In any case, the Customer shall forfeit the right of withdrawal if VPI establishes that:
the returned product and/or its accessories and/or its packaging are not intact;
the product is missing its original outer packaging and/or inner packaging;
the product is missing integral parts of the product and/or accessories (e.g. fasteners, laces, buckles, etc.).

10.8 In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, VPI will return the purchased product to the sender, charging the shipping costs and, if already refunded, the price of the product.

Please note that if the item you want to return is defective, the return shipping costs will be covered by VPI’s partner brand, but not by VPI. If the item to be returned is not defective, so for change of mind or size, customers will have to cover the shipping costs for the return.


Addresses where returns should be sent to our partner brands:


  • To Malia Lab:

Flavia Amato

Via Provinciale, n. 157,

88065 Guardavalle Marina (CZ),


  • To Defeua:

Luca Bensi

Via A. Terzi, 89/1

16039 Sestri Levante (GE)


  • To Ferilli Eyewear:

Cristiano Ferilli

Via Marchese Arditi, 30

Presicce – Acquarica

73054 Lecce (LE)


  • To Eleonora Rocca:

Eleonora Fornai

Via Piemonte, 19

24022 Alzano Lombardo (BG)


  • To Bioetcaroube:

Daniela Storaci

Via G. La Porta ,1

97010 Marina di Ragusa (RG)


  • To Fortunale:

Majra Moda Maglieria

Via Sannicandro, 76

70020 Cassano delle Murge (BA)


  • To Magni Collection:

Veronica Magni

Via Volta, 8

23897 Viganò (LC)


  • To Fiori di Loto Gioielli:

Riva Annalisa

Via Fraz. Fornace, 3

23841 Annone di Brianza (LC)


  • To Contexture:

Emanuela Esposito

Via Tommaso Campanella, 41

00195 Roma (RM)


  • To Emmyboo:

Emmyboo di Claudia Antichi

Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 7

95128 Catania (CT)


  • To Hang-Design:

Hang Design Srls

Via degli Zingari, 32

00184 Roma (RM)


  • To Wao the Effect Eco Shoes:

Dress to live SRL

Via Venezia, 58/1

30037 Scorzè (VE)


  • To Marigrè:

Marigrè di Marina Suraci

Via Gaeta, 18

10133 Torino (TO)


  • To Iuva Cosmetics,

Società agricola Cascina S. Pietro

Via Cascina S.Pietro, 1

15030 Sala Monferrato (AL)


  • To Kimama Biocosmesi

Selling&Service Srl

Via Venezia, 161

74121 Taranto (TA)


  • To EERT:

Giuseppe Sarubbo

Via Rocco Scotellato, 26

75020 Scansano Jonico (MT)

  • Per Cru-le:

Letizia Cruciani

Loc. Brocco, snc

58043 Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)






  • The Supplier shall deliver, within the Italian territory, the products purchased by the User, all handcrafted, within 10 working days for those to be produced, otherwise in shorter time if already available, (except for products not available in the warehouse) starting from the moment in which the on-line sales contract is finalized.
  • For deliveries within Europe, the supplier shall deliver the products within 15 working days for those to be produced, otherwise in shorter time if already available, (except for products not available in stock) starting from the moment the on-line sales contract is concluded.


  • Any delays in the delivery of goods shall not entitle the Customer to terminate the concluded online sales contract;


During shipment the goods travel at the Customer’s risk, therefore no responsibility can be charged to VPI for any damage caused to the goods during transport or in case of theft of the goods already delivered to the Carrier.