0 was founded by 23-year-old Florentine David Braccini.

David was born in the world of shoes thanks to the family factory that had been going on for 2 generations.

.0 looks for natural simplicity, finding its complexity in the structure of small details, he wants to give a voice to young ideas mixed with the experience of Tuscan craftsmen.

.0 wants to break the concept of linear consumption of Compro-Uso-Butto footwear. This is the origin of .0, the completely recyclable sneaker, introducing a virtuous model of integral use and recycling of the footwear we wear.

Although it is a shoe that recalls the forms of a “running” / runner, its silhouette also suggests more elegant combinations, perhaps with blazer and pants of a suit to play down the formality.

It is completely recyclable, built with BIO BASED materials derived from wood processing waste, without using water and cruelty free.

.0 Sneakers has a dream: to encourage a necessary change in the concept of footwear consumption.

The collection

The first collection of .0 wants to be a eulogy to nature, designed in style and materials during the pandemic. The proposed shoe wants to communicate the awakening of nature when man sets aside, taking back his space and his values.

The collection is presented with a sneaker with a minimalist design, attentive to details and to the quality and innovation of Italian manufacturers. The shoe presents on the sole a symbol of the connection between man and nature, representing in one half a human footprint and in the other a tree footprint (the roots).

All this is made with a mono material, coming from processing waste such as wood and paper, which allow to create a bio-plastic-like material that does not impact on the environment. The uniqueness of the product is presented by the fact that once consumed, it will be reborn in another form for another consumer.