BIO ET CAROUBE is the brainchild of its founder, Daniela Storaci, a mechanical engineer living in Ragusa, who over the last ten years has dedicated herself with increasing passion to the creation of natural cosmetics. Personally following all the stages, starting from the design of the formulation and the meticulous search for ingredients, she has developed a model of eco-bio cosmetics that aims to be

latest-generation cosmetics. Aiming at effectiveness, through continuous research and scientific innovation, choosing to use only the best natural active ingredients, and finally transforming an ambitious idea into rich and indispensable textures. The treasure of the Hyblaean landscape, the carob tree, which grows in the unspoilt countryside in the southernmost part of Sicily, has become a source of inspiration for BIO ET CAROUBE because it is a source of vitality and softness for the skin, thanks to its power to retain large volumes of water which resides in the heart of its organic fruit, the carob seeds. A real shield of intense hydration for the skin, to regenerate and protect it from external agents, slowing down the oxidation process and allowing the other active ingredients to act in depth. Such exclusive hydration reveals renewed and visibly more beautiful skin day after day. All the guarantee of products made in Italy and ECO-BIO certified.