Pure lines that exude elegance, the silhouettes of the bags are sharp and structured, contrasting harmoniously with the flowing, graceful lines of the garments.

Understated, minimalist luxury perfectly mixed with saturated colours and vibrant details. The brand’s colour palettes and design pieces come together to create versatile, trans-seasonal collections that effortlessly transition from day to evening. The almost total absence of patterns, in fact, offers the opportunity to create outfits that are always perfect without ever being “too basic”. The only prints so far are dedicated to Capsule Collections. These are limited edition pieces created in collaboration with artists who tell stories, places and experiences. In this sense, every single piece is a true work of art.


High-quality fabrics and Tuscan leathers of the highest quality are worked with consolidated techniques by local craftsmen, excellences of Made in Italy who, with experience and passion, create pieces in a workmanlike manner.

Emmy Boo is a brand that leads and does not follow, it wants timeless pieces, impeccably executed. For this reason, the brand focuses on the craftsmanship techniques that have made Italian tailoring and leather goods synonymous with excellence around the world. Under the constant supervision of the designer, our artisans carefully create and finish every single product. Emmy Boo is on the front line against the exploitation of resources and people. As such, we only use local artisans and materials from responsible suppliers.