Us and sustainable fashion

Welcome to our Blog!

In this article we would like to better explain who we are, what we do and why we chose to create this project.

After a lot of research before we left, we realized that Italy, compared to several European countries, was lagging a bit behind on a very important issue such as sustainability, and the purchase of ethical and sustainable products.


Well, we Italians are by nature a bit wary of novelty, so just trying, and then even buying bio products and created with natural materials, has always scared us.

But also and above all because there has never been so much information on these issues.


That’s why we’re here: we’ll give you information, we’ll introduce you to the many companies involved in the production of bio products ethical and sustainable, we’ll explain the materials that are used and how they can be treated to make them last longer.


In our opinion: “Awareness of what we buy starts with knowing who makes it, and then what is used to produce it.”


What could be better than having a quality product that also respects the environment?


Ah that is made in Italy.


Thus was born our project Vi presento Italia, the first e-commerce dedicated exclusively to sustainable Italian fashion.

But what do we mean by Sustainable Fashion? What characteristics do sustainable companies have?

Do you know a company that produces its products with natural raw materials, recycled or from industrial waste? In order to be totally sustainable, you have to add to this that the employees or collaborators work in healthy conditions and are paid fairly.

Let’s say that sustainable fashion is strongly opposed to the whole system of large-scale distribution and fast fashion, because in addition to an ethical and limited production, companies that espouse this cause, choose to treat their employees humanely.

We know very well that a t-shirt that costs 10€ is within everyone’s reach, but let’s think about it for a moment. By whom is it produced and where? What material is used? Who produces it is paid properly? How many times will we wear it? And after how many washes does the fabric wear out?

To all these questions we can tell you that it is virtually impossible to satisfy all these requests with only 10€, don’t you think?

What we can do and what we should do, is to adopt a behavior mentioned by a now famous slogan BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL, MAKE IT LAST, which literally means “Buy less, choose well, make it last”, which is what we would like to convey through our project.

So we make it easy for you to find, we make the selection for you, you just have to get comfortable, choose what you like and enjoy it for as long as possible.